3. Prezentare produse CaliVita

Why CaliVita natural products?


The consumption of food supplements is an integral and useful part of a modern lifestyle. However, it is very important which products and ingredients we consume. 

Strict quality control

CaliVita International strives to offer its consumers the best. For us, this means not only that the direction of our development is defined by your needs, but also that more than 3,000 dedicated and experienced professionals around the world work tirelessly to ensure that our products comply with the results of the latest medical research.

Our experts  protect the quality and ensure the control of the products , from their production until they reach the final consumer. And we offer you  informative materials  that contain a wide range of information, both regarding traditional medicine and the latest scientific discoveries.

Our products  are subjected to multiple tests , from raw materials to the finished product. A number of 12,000 tests per year guarantee that more than 500 ingredients reach the market with extraordinary purity and quality.

For more than two decades, CaliVita International has been the most famous food supplement company on the European market. Organic products meet scientific requirements, their composition being based on the results of the latest research adapted to current requirements. The products are manufactured in the United States of America, at Pharmington, by using the most developed and modern technologies. The quality certificate guarantees that the products meet even the strictest pharmacological requirements. The biologically active substances come exclusively from natural sources, free from polluting agents. The company does not use synthetic preparations. In the case of higher doses, the products have a slow absorption of 10-18 hours, ensuring the body, permanently, an optimal level of the biologically-active substance.


The reason for the global appearance of these natural products: 80% of diseases are nutritional diseases. The chemicalization of food, the excess of drugs, the appearance of particularly strong drugs, with multiple side effects, fully participated in obtaining this percentage. Feeding with fresh and diversified foods and natural medicine have contributed for thousands of years to the prevention and treatment of serious diseases. Two conclusions were drawn from here:
   - Man is made and is part of nature
   - Modern man ignored this truth and paid dearly.               

The discovery of medicines proved to be beneficial only in joint treatment made with natural products. Thus, many side effects are annihilated and the disease is easier to overcome. That's why in many countries, for the medication of a family there are two specialists: one of classical medicine and one of natural medicine. The products are 100% natural, they are made from raw materials of natural origin, they are 100% pure, they do not contain sugar, salt, preservatives, synthetic dyes, they do not create addiction, they do not have negative side effects, they act beneficially in many directions, towards several organs (prevent, treat and alleviate a wide range of ailments) .

GAP (Good Agricultural Practice)

GAP  ( Good Agricultural Practices ) is  a system of standards and regulations that ensure the production of safe food.

These rules govern all aspects of the crops used to produce CaliVita supplements. The guarantee of the GAP certificate ensures that the ingredients used in the manufacture of the preparations are cultivated and developed in a natural and ecological way. Plants, which are the source of numerous active substances, respect the proportions and quantities in which they occur in the natural environment.

In addition, in order to obtain the GAP certification, the manufacturer must prove that the production is ecological, and in no way leads to the destruction of nature or environmental pollution. 

Good Manufacturing Practice ( GMP )

The Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certificate  shows increased attention to product manufacturing (Good Manufacturing Practices).

The GMP certificate confirms Calivita ® compliance with the highest production standards .

The standards ensure the certification of all production processes, from the quality and origin of raw materials to the actual production of supplements to packaging and transport.

CaliVita ® preparations are manufactured using the latest technologies, characteristic of pharmaceutical preparations. The manufacturing process is carried out in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards and provides the highest level of product purity, quality and efficacy.

Food and Drug Administration ( FDA )

The FDA is responsible for protecting public health by ensuring the safety, efficacy, and effectiveness of drugs, biologics, medical devices, cosmetics, and radiation products.
The FDA is also responsible for advancing public health, aiding in innovations that make pharmaceutical drugs and dietary supplements more effective, safer, and more affordable, and helping the public obtain accurate, science-based information to maintain and improve health. 


Ministry of Health from Romania


CaliVita products also meet public health standards in Romania . The National Institute of Public Health - the National Institute of Hygiene certifies the safety of CaliVita supplements. 

From  the raw material used for production, to manufacturing, CaliVita products comply with the strictest and most demanding standards in the world. With a permanent control over the quality and safety of Calivita supplements, we will put into the hands of customers products that are effective, healthy and safe, and thus these products fit into the philosophy of the CaliVita company, which puts  people's health and safety first.

Tips that can help you maintain your health by using our preparations

   1. Most of the preparations should be consumed before or after the meal, when the processes of digestion and absorption take place and when the active agents can be fully used.

   2. Preparations based on medicinal plants should be consumed with a larger amount of liquids, 2.5-3 liters per day.

   3. Tablets and capsules must be swallowed without being crushed or chewed, because in this way the active substances will be absorbed too quickly and will be eliminated from the body.

   4. Since all the products are 100% natural, even if the indicated daily doses are not respected, unwanted side effects will not appear. Each product must be consumed according to the administration method mentioned, or according to the doctor's advice.

   5. The products on this site will help you maintain your health, and in case of illness, they should be used as additional therapy, because they accelerate the healing process. Dietary supplements do not replace drug treatment, and in the case of serious ailments, you must consult your doctor.